“Internal agencies are invaluable, but often their resources are limited. That’s where we come in- as an extension of the team and a partner that has sat right where they are sitting. Marie Daniel is comprised of experts that have both internal and external agency experience. So, we get it.” – Diane Kordecki, Agency Lead Marie Daniel Group

Internal agencies are tuned in. They are employees of the corporation, and the vested interest they have is two-fold; seeing the company succeed and ensuring they don’t become extinct. There is a constant fear of jobs being outsourced. Of that big fancy New York agency getting the business, and of resources being cut due to budget restraints. It’s unfair to constantly be on the edge, but when you’re on the inside it comes with the proximity. 

The truth is an internal agency is invaluable when it comes to perspective and history. Internal agencies are highly efficient for the corporation. But there are limitations that come with an internal agency. Resources are limited. Capabilities are capped. Skillsets are finite. This presents obstacles for internal clients and often leads them to bring in their own agency for parts of a campaign the internal team cannot tackle due to resource constraints. That’s where projects, through lines, and creative intent start to get lost in translation. More dollars get spent, efficiency goes down, and client frustration can settle in. 

This is where your internal agency can take back control and truly service the corporation by bringing an external agency partner into the fold-under your guidance and process. Using external industry experts strengthens your reputation, broadens your capabilities, and keeps your in-house team in on the campaign from start to finish. 

If you’re an in-house agency- get another arm to partner with while you take the lead and prevent extinction.