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Deep Listening Agencies: Beyond the Brochure

August 12, 2020

“We need a brochure because we have a culture issue. Can you make us a brochure?”- Client XYZ

How many times have you put a tactic before a deep conversation? Maybe one of your goals this year is to improve overall culture scores. Maybe you’re facing new leadership and trying to ease the anxiety and fire spread of misinformation circulating amongst your team. Maybe you’re new and staring at a blank slate full of opportunity to set the tone and pace for the rest of the year. No matter what is happening with your business, you need an agency that can listen- and not just to the challenges you’re facing now, but to the history of your story, so that the collateral and tactics that follow truly make an impact.

Here are four categories of deep listening and questioning that break beyond the brochure: 


It’s unique. There’s no boiler plate for the history that got you here. Your agency should be enamored with your story. Every nuance, the fine details. The who, what, why, when, where, and how. A deep listening agency absorbs your story, so they have a history to spring and sprout from. A deep listening agency meets with all the key players to take in the full though line and personality of your workplace and people. 


It’s true, you’re a smashing success. But how? It’s great to see spreadsheets of numbers in the black, but how did you achieve a positive bottom line? A deep listening agency uncovers more than just the numbers and stats. Questions about how you achieved success go deeper into a proven history and what works and doesn’t work for your business. This gives you a view of how you’ve done things successfully and your agency a view of what it took to get where you are. 


We all have challenges. Taking an in-depth look at what those challenges are and how they arose helps a deep listening agency deconstruct the problem. A deep listening agency embraces your challenges and applies thoughtful strategy-not just tactics. 


There are so many opportunities! This is where your agency can capitalize and truly grow your business. Turning opportunity into creative strategy that engages your audiences, builds trust, and brings new profits and prospects along the way. 

Bottom line: your agency should listen- deep. That’s where new ideas lie. It’s where the difference between an agency that is tactical and an agency that is strategic can make or break your brand. 

Marie Daniel Group is an integrated marketing firm focused on communication, brand development, and multi-channel marketing campaigns. Visit https://mariedanielgroup.com/ or call 877.634.2019 to connect. 

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