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Dear Stuck,

July 26, 2022

Maybe you’re too comfortable? 

You let the grayness settle in and the mundane override your purpose. Maybe evolution is pushing at your door but fear is blocking the way? 

Perhaps it’s time to do something that scares you. Try that one thing that you say you always wanted to do; write a book, start a club, travel, teach, cook, act, tend to bees- maybe your bones are telling you to make a life and not just a living. 

Your bones are aching to be unstuck. 

There are a finite number of trips around the sun and none of us get a line on just how much time before it’s over. The rotation will stop. 

You do have to seize the day. Let go. Open up. Because of all those thoughts that are tripping you up, the worst thing that could happen is that you’re just stuck. It’s too late. Too far gone. You thought about it too much.

You have to take a chance. 

Find a way. 

Feed all those feels. 

Drink all those dreams. 

It’s ok to be stuck for a moment or two, but then tighten up those laces and go where the horizon scares you.

Get It.


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