Branding. Storytelling. Strategy.

“As a women-owned small business, we understand moving quickly, budgeting smartly, and executing flawlessly. We are branding experts and beautiful storytellers. This is what sets us apart.”

Diane Kordecki, Marie Daniel Group Agency Lead

What do you do?
We are an extension of your team.

Branding for small to mid-size companies, and change management communications, and internal/external marketing strategy for private equity firms. Marie Daniel Group has the unique history of working internally and externally. This sets us apart from traditional agencies that haven’t experienced what it’s like to be an agency on the inside with a sightline to all branding and communication needs. We know what it takes to articulate a brand from the inside out.

Branding & Communication

We specialize in building brands and communication strategies. As great storytellers and visual designers, we focus on your unique story to build an original brand or rebrand an existing one.

Our pricing, deliverables, and packaging are upfront. Visit our brand packaging page and find out what solutions are best for your company.

Private Equity
& Executive Support

We specialize in change management, internal commutations, and external market messaging. We support private equity firms and their investment companies from the inside out. Visit our Private Equity & Executive Support page here.

The Illusive “Marie”

We work with kind people. We don’t do egos. We don’t believe in hierarchy or shadow leadership. We’re all hands in and everyone has a voice at the table. We believe in flexibility and that you should make a life, not a living. We hire people that are extraordinary. We thrive on authenticity and integrity. We won’t work with mean people. We don’t tolerate hate. We love what we do and inspire people to chase and do what they love. We add value and we value our team for their unique talents and contributions. We make beautiful things.

Diane Kordecki
Agency Lead

Diane has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising. She has led award-winning creative teams and is the visionary of Marie Daniel Group. Diane is well-versed in many markets including healthcare, biopharma, packaging, construction, and real estate. With both in-house and external agency experience, Diane knows that great strategy paired with impeccable creative makes waves.

process, consulting, operations, team building, coaching, business development, marketing, strategy, culture, goals, sales, finance

Courtney Kotloski
Director of Content Strategy

Courtney has more than 25 years of experience working with in-house and external agencies developing creative communication strategies and content for a multitude of business channels. She has led and coached writing teams and creatives. She is an award-winning writer, published author, speaker, playwright and one of the founders of Chicago’s 2nd Story Series.

content, writing, strategy, creative, storytelling, branding, communication, advertising, motivational speaking, public relations, leadership coaching

Nicole Gardi
Director of Accounts

Nicole has 10 years of experience in marketing and account management. She is familiar with a multitude of markets including healthcare, biopharma, construction, finance and non-profit organizations. With in-house and external agency experience, she can manage and serve client needs across the board.

creative, project management, process, programming, team building, account management, social media planning, media buying, digital strategy, content management