AG Architecture

AG Architecture needed to undergo a total brand rehaul, redefining their entire foundation, story, and vision. They aimed to create a fresh and relevant brand that resonated with their audience groups: senior living, multi-use/family, and retail. The goal was to establish themselves as visionary leaders in this space.

Redefined Brand Foundation: Marie Daniel Group worked closely with the founders and team at AG Architecture to redefine their brand foundation. Through extensive research and collaborative workshops, a new brand positioning was established that highlighted AG Architecture’s unique approach, expertise, and commitment to creating purposeful living environments.

Compelling Storytelling: Leveraging the insights gained from AG Architecture’s rich history and expertise, Marie Daniel Group crafted a compelling brand story. This story effectively communicated AG’s vision, values, and the impact they have had in shaping communities since 1961. The brand story resonated with their target audience and established an emotional connection with their work.

Relevant Vision and Mission: The rehaul of AG Architecture’s brand included the development of a relevant vision and mission statement. These statements captured AG’s commitment to innovation, community, and creating livable spaces that enhance the lives of individuals and families. The vision and mission served as guiding principles for the entire organization.

Audience-focused Branding: Marie Daniel Group conducted in-depth audience research to understand the preferences, needs, and aspirations of AG Architecture’s target audience groups: senior living, multi-use/family, and retail. With this knowledge, a fresh and relevant brand identity was created that spoke directly to each audience group. The branding elements, including the logo, visual identity, and messaging, were designed to resonate with their specific needs and desires.

Enhanced Brand Experience: Marie Daniel Group worked with AG Architecture to enhance the overall brand experience. This involved revamping their website, collateral materials, and communication channels to ensure consistency and alignment with the new brand identity. The user experience was improved, making it easier for potential clients to engage with AG Architecture and understand their unique value proposition.

Through the collaboration with Marie Daniel Group, AG Architecture successfully underwent a total brand rehaul, resulting in a fresh, relevant, and resonant brand. The redefined foundation, compelling storytelling, relevant vision and mission, audience-focused branding, and enhanced brand experience positioned AG Architecture as the Visionaries of Community since 1961. This strategic rebranding effort strengthened their presence in the senior living, multi-use/family, and retail markets, attracting new clients.