Biehn Basements

Biehn Basements, a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience specializing in finishing basements and unique garage spaces, had the opportunity to create a new brand identity to establish themselves as the premier basement builder in Southeast Wisconsin. The goal was to increase sales and enhance their brand presence through a comprehensive communication strategy and collateral targeting different audiences and industry partners. This included creating a new brand name, developing branding materials such as websites, SEO/SEM strategies, mailings, and establishing communication channels and tools for ongoing marketing efforts, including a CRM system. Additionally, Biehn Basements aimed to increase their brand presence through billboards and data-driven solutions.

New Brand Identity: Marie Daniel Group worked closely with Biehn Basements to create a new brand identity that focused on their expertise in basement finishing and unique garage spaces. This involved developing a new brand name, Biehn Basements, which clearly conveyed their specialization and showcased their expertise in the market.

Comprehensive Branding Materials: To establish Biehn Basements as the premier basement builder, Marie Daniel Group created comprehensive branding materials, including a visually appealing website that showcased their portfolio, testimonials, and services. SEO/SEM strategies were implemented to increase their online visibility and attract targeted leads. Additionally, impactful mailings were designed and distributed to reach potential customers and industry partners, showcasing Biehn Basements’ expertise and quality craftsmanship.

Communication Strategy and Collateral: Marie Daniel Group developed a communication strategy that targeted different audiences and industry partners. This included creating tailored collateral, such as brochures, presentations, and case studies, to effectively communicate the benefits of working with Biehn Basements. The strategy also focused on establishing strong relationships with industry partners through networking events and partnerships to expand their reach and reputation.

Mailing List and CRM: To support continued marketing efforts, Marie Daniel Group helped Biehn Basements secure a mailing list of new homeowners in the area. Additionally, a CRM system was implemented to streamline communication and maintain relationships with past and potential customers. This allowed for personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in increased customer engagement and repeat business.

Brand Presence and Data-Driven Solutions: To establish a strong brand presence, Marie Daniel Group utilized billboards strategically placed in high-visibility locations. Data-driven solutions, such as targeted advertising and analytics, were implemented to optimize marketing campaigns and ensure maximum impact. These efforts helped Biehn Basements stand out in the market and attract a significant increase in leads and sales, tripling their revenue.

The collaboration between Biehn Basements and Marie Daniel Group resulted in a successful brand transformation and comprehensive marketing strategy. The new brand identity, effective communication materials, targeted marketing efforts, and data-driven solutions played a vital role in establishing Biehn Basements as the premier basement builder in Southeast Wisconsin. The tripled sales and increased brand presence solidified their position in the market, attracting new customers, fostering industry partnerships, and ensuring long-term success for the family-owned business.