Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA)

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA), an organization dedicated to promoting inclusive recreation, fitness, and competitive sports activities for individuals with physical or visual disabilities, wanted to increase awareness and double donations year after year. GLASA sought to overhaul their brand and develop a comprehensive communication strategy to effectively engage their target audience, including youth, adults, and military veterans with disabilities. The goal was to create an inclusive and accessible brand presence while implementing various communication initiatives such as an ADA compliant website, brochures, social media planning, annual giving campaign collateral, mailings, letters to donors, presentation materials, and outreach collateral.

Comprehensive Communication Strategy: Working closely with GLASA’s board and leadership, Marie Daniel Group developed a comprehensive communication strategy that encompassed all aspects of their outreach efforts. This strategy ensured a consistent and impactful brand presence across various channels, allowing GLASA to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

Brand Overhaul: Marie Daniel Group collaborated with GLASA to overhaul their brand and create a refreshed identity that reflected their mission of inclusivity and empowerment. The brand overhaul included the development of a new logo, visual guidelines, and messaging framework, all aligned with GLASA’s core values and vision.

ADA Compliant Website: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, a new ADA compliant website was designed and developed for GLASA. The website provided a user-friendly experience for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to easily access information, register for programs, and learn about GLASA’s offerings and impact.

Collateral Materials: Marie Daniel Group created engaging and informative collateral materials to support GLASA’s outreach efforts. This included brochures highlighting their programs and services, a dedicated military brochure to cater to veterans with disabilities, and presentation materials for fundraising events and community outreach initiatives. These materials effectively communicated GLASA’s mission and impact, helping to raise awareness and garner support.

Social Media Planning and Graphics: A comprehensive social media plan was developed to enhance GLASA’s online presence and engage their target audience. Marie Daniel Group created visually appealing graphics and content that aligned with GLASA’s brand identity, allowing for consistent and engaging communication across social media platforms. This resulted in increased followers, improved engagement, and a broader reach for GLASA’s message.

Annual Giving Campaign Collateral: To drive donations and support, Marie Daniel Group created compelling collateral for GLASA’s annual giving campaign. This included mailings, letters to donors, and other promotional materials that effectively conveyed the impact of donations and encouraged individuals to contribute to GLASA’s cause.

Outreach Collateral: Marie Daniel Group developed outreach collateral to facilitate community engagement and collaboration. This included materials for partnerships with community-based organizations, schools, and other entities to promote inclusive sports and recreational activities. These collateral pieces helped expand GLASA’s reach and fostered meaningful collaborations.

Through the collaborative efforts with Marie Daniel Group, GLASA successfully implemented a comprehensive communication strategy, overhauled their brand, and increased awareness and donations year after year. The ADA compliant website, engaging collateral materials, social media planning and graphics, annual giving campaign collateral, and outreach materials all played vital roles in elevating GLASA’s visibility, expanding their impact, and empowering individuals with disabilities. By effectively communicating their mission and showcasing the transformative power of inclusive sports and recreation, GLASA successfully fostered a sense of community, empowerment, and well-being among their target audience.