Antioch Pizza

Antioch Pizza, a franchise with nine sites throughout Lake County, had the opportunity to overhaul their brand for both consumer and franchise sites. They aimed to create a comprehensive communication strategy, develop social media collateral and tactics, build a new website, enhance storytelling, and increase their share of voice as a community leader. The goal was to engage their audience, increase followers on social media, and ultimately lead to the sale of seven franchises. Additionally, Antioch Pizza wanted to highlight their “hometown” feel, focus on community, and their foundation of giving back to the towns where their franchises are established.

Brand Overhaul: Marie Daniel Group worked closely with the owners of Antioch Pizza to conduct a brand overhaul. This included redefining their brand identity to showcase their “hometown” feel and community focus. The visual elements, including the logo and brand colors, were refreshed to align with the new brand direction, creating a cohesive and appealing brand image.

Comprehensive Communication Strategy: To effectively engage the target audience and increase the share of voice as a community leader, Marie Daniel Group developed a comprehensive communication strategy for Antioch Pizza. This strategy encompassed various channels, including social media, website content, storytelling, and community outreach. The communication tactics were tailored to resonate with the local communities and highlight Antioch Pizza’s commitment to freshness, quality, and community involvement.

Social Media Collateral and Tactics: Recognizing the power of social media in reaching and engaging their audience, Marie Daniel Group created compelling social media collateral, including visually appealing graphics, videos, and engaging content. The tactics employed focused on fostering community engagement, sharing stories of community involvement, promoting special offers, and encouraging user-generated content. These efforts helped increase followers, boost engagement, and strengthen the brand’s online presence.

Website Buildout: A new website was designed and built by Marie Daniel Group to showcase Antioch Pizza’s unique offerings, community involvement, and franchise opportunities. The website featured user-friendly navigation, visually appealing design elements, and informative content that effectively conveyed the brand’s values, menu, and franchise information. The website served as a central hub for consumers, franchise prospects, and community members to learn more about Antioch Pizza and engage with the brand.

The partnership between Antioch Pizza and Marie Daniel Group resulted in a successful brand overhaul and comprehensive communication strategy. The fresh brand image, engaging social media collateral and tactics, website buildout, storytelling efforts, and increased share of voice as a community leader led to the sale of seven franchises. The collaboration also helped Antioch Pizza to increase their online presence, engage their audience, and solidify their position as a beloved hometown brand that is committed to quality, community, and giving back.