Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES)

ADCES needed to expand their brand reach, increase retention of Diabetes Prevention Program participants, boost enrollment, and create necessary tools/collateral for lifestyle coaches.

Increased Retention of Diabetes Prevention Program Participants: To enhance participant retention, Marie Daniel Group worked with ADCES to develop engaging and informative materials for lifestyle coaches. These tools and collateral empowered coaches to effectively educate and support program participants, leading to increased engagement and higher retention rates.

Boosted Enrollment: Through strategic marketing initiatives, including digital advertising, content creation, and targeted outreach, Marie Daniel Group helped ADCES boost enrollment in their Diabetes Prevention Program. The campaign focused on raising awareness about the program’s benefits and conveying ADCES’s expertise in diabetes care and education. As a result, enrollment numbers saw a significant increase, positively impacting the program’s reach and effectiveness.

Creation of Tools/Collateral for Lifestyle Coaches: Recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive resources, Marie Daniel Group collaborated with ADCES to develop tailored tools and collateral for lifestyle coaches. These resources included educational materials and interactive guides, equipping coaches with the necessary tools to effectively support program participants. The enhanced support system led to improved participant outcomes and satisfaction.

Support in Reaching Retention Goals: Marie Daniel Group closely collaborated with the ADCES team, providing ongoing support and guidance to help them achieve their retention goals outlined in the 1705 grant agreement with the CDC. Through data analysis, performance tracking, and strategic recommendations, the ADCES team was able to refine their retention strategies, resulting in improved participant retention rates and successful outcomes aligned with the grant’s objectives.

By partnering with Marie Daniel Group, ADCES successfully expanded their brand reach, increased retention of Diabetes Prevention Program participants, boosted enrollment, created essential tools for lifestyle coaches, and supported their retention goals outlined in the CDC grant agreement. This collaboration empowered ADCES to drive their mission of improving prediabetes, diabetes, and cardiometabolic care through innovative education, management, and support.