The Birchstone

The Birchstone, a high-end venue located on the North Shore of Chicago, sought to establish a completely new brand and name for their event space. They wanted to create a comprehensive brand book, implement SEO/SEM marketing strategies, and develop a data-driven marketing strategy focused on booking events and increasing brand awareness. Additionally, The Birchstone needed support for their grand opening, including PR efforts, website development, and collateral creation. They aimed to establish a strong presence on social media platforms, as well as on prominent wedding and event planning websites like The Knot and WeddingWire. The ultimate goal was to secure bookings within 30 days of the venue’s launch and establish a strong brand presence within the community.

Brand Development: Working closely with The Birchstone, Marie Daniel Group undertook a complete brand development process. This involved creating a new name, brand identity, and brand book that reflected the venue’s high-end atmosphere and ability to transform spaces for any occasion. The brand book provided guidelines for consistent messaging, visuals, and tone across all marketing materials.

SEO/SEM Marketing: Marie Daniel Group developed and executed an SEO/SEM marketing strategy tailored to The Birchstone’s target audience. This included optimizing the venue’s website with relevant keywords, creating targeted ad campaigns, and implementing data-driven strategies to increase online visibility and drive traffic to their website.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy: By leveraging market research and data analysis, Marie Daniel Group developed a comprehensive data-driven marketing strategy for The Birchstone. This strategy focused on identifying and reaching out to potential clients, creating personalized experiences, and building long-term relationships with event planners, wedding vendors, and community partners.

Grand Opening Support: To ensure a successful grand opening, Marie Daniel Group provided PR support, including press releases, media outreach, and event coordination. This helped generate buzz and awareness around the venue, attracting potential clients and industry professionals.

Website Development and Collateral Creation: Marie Daniel Group designed and developed a visually stunning website that showcased The Birchstone’s unique spaces and services. Collateral materials such as brochures, flyers, and promotional materials were created to support the sales team in effectively communicating the venue’s offerings to potential clients.

Social Media Presence: Marie Daniel Group established and managed social media channels for The Birchstone, including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Engaging content, visually appealing graphics, and strategic social media planning were implemented to increase brand awareness, engage with the target audience, and showcase The Birchstone’s capabilities and unique event experiences.

Establishing Online Presence: Marie Daniel Group worked to establish The Birchstone’s presence on prominent wedding and event planning platforms such as The Knot and WeddingWire. This involved creating compelling profiles, optimizing content, and actively managing reviews and inquiries to attract potential clients and establish credibility within the industry.

Booking Success: Through the comprehensive brand development, targeted marketing strategies, and effective online presence, The Birchstone achieved its goal of securing bookings within 30 days of the venue’s launch. The strategic marketing efforts, combined with the venue’s unique offerings and exceptional service, positioned The Birchstone as a desirable event space and garnered attention from clients seeking a high-end venue.

By partnering with Marie Daniel Group, The Birchstone successfully underwent a complete brand overhaul and marketing campaign. The new brand identity, data-driven marketing strategies, website development, collateral creation, and social media presence played a crucial role in attracting clients, securing bookings, and establishing a strong brand presence within the community and the wedding and event planning industry. The Birchstone’s dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, coupled with the marketing efforts, positioned them as a premier venue and a go-to choice for memorable events