Union League Boys and Girls Clubs (ULBGC)

In the journey to amplify the impact of the Union League Boys and Girls Clubs (ULBGC), Marie Daniel Group embarked on a transformative partnership. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing strategic communication, brand guidance, and targeted outreach, our collaboration aimed to elevate ULBGC’s presence and engagement across diverse audiences.

Crafting a tailored communication plan: We navigated the complexities of engaging multiple diverse audiences. From donors to community leaders, parents, and volunteers, our strategy fostered meaningful connections and inspired support for ULBGC’s mission.

Harnessing the power of social media: We developed templates and a dynamic strategy to amplify ULBGC’s voice online. Through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, we fostered a vibrant digital community, driving awareness and participation.

Creating a robust brand structure and guidance framework: Grounded in ULBGC’s core values and aspirations, our brand architecture provided clarity and coherence, instilling trust and loyalty among stakeholders. Notably, we curated a new brand for ULBGC’s annual Youth of the Year campaign, ensuring cohesiveness and impact throughout the organization’s messaging.

Strategic consulting and long-term planning: Crafting a comprehensive communications strategy and marketing plan spanning five years, we ensured sustained growth and relevance for ULBGC in a dynamic landscape.